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Awaken Your Senses Through Nature Kit: 

* Each activity has a bag of supplies and instructions and comes in a handy Rubbermaid-type of container.

  1. Sensory Scavenger hunt - magnifying glasses/ loops to explore life on the ground
  2. Touchy-Feely Socks: nature items inside socks for girls to explore
  3. Who Am I?: girls guess animal that is on a card hanging on her back
  4. Colours Hike: using colour chips girls explore outside finding their colour
  5. Pattern hike: girls find pattern shape as they hike
  6. Animal Scents: girls find "home" using their smelling sense
  7. Mystery Shakers: Kim's game- what is in the film canister?
  8. Sensory Scavenger Hunt: laminated list of things to see, touch etc.