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Project WILD Games available from Ann:


  1. Are You Me? K-Gr.2  Girls use picture cards to match juvenile/adult aquatic animals
  2. Classroom Carrying Capacity K-Gr.6-view of life with overcrowding
  3. Colour Crazy K-Gr.6 - colouring, wildlife in a variety of colours
  4. Deadly Links Gr. 4-9 -tag game to discover link bet pesticides/food chain
  5. Deadly Waters Gr3-12 - effects of water pollution on humans and habitat
  6. Ethi-Thinking K-Gr.8 - outdoor activities affecting wildlife/resources
  7. Ethi-Reasoning Gr. 5-12 - thinking of actions to take to protect environment.
  8. Habitat Lap Sit Gr. 4-9 - circle-sit to demonstrate parts of habitat.
  9. Marsh Munchers Gr. 3-6 - learn about salt marshes/ food web.
  10. Migration Headache Gr. 4-12 - migrating water birds/survival factors
  11. Musk-Ox Manoeuvres Gr. 4-9- predator/prey game
  12. Oh Deer! Gr. 4-12 - changing habitat/ animal populations game
  13. Playing Lightly on the Earth K-Gr.8 - outdoor games and environment
  14. Quick Frozen Critters, modified K-Gr.3) Gr. 4-6 -freeze tag/pred/prey
  15. Riparian Retreat Gr. 6-12 - imagery/art appreciation of riparian area
  16. The Thicket Game K-Gr.6 - predator/prey hide and seek
  17. Water We Eating K-Gr.12 - foods from aquatic sources

Phone Ann Metcalfe 604.271.4753, or metcalfe(at) to book a date.   [change (at) to @ for email address]

Keep us in mind when youčre planning for the year.






Awaken Your Senses Through Nature Kit: 

* Each activity has a bag of supplies and instructions and comes in a handy Rubbermaid-type of container.

  1. Sensory Scavenger hunt - magnifying glasses/ loops to explore life on the ground
  2. Touchy-Feely Socks: nature items inside socks for girls to explore
  3. Who Am I?: girls guess animal that is on a card hanging on her back
  4. Colours Hike: using colour chips girls explore outside finding their colour
  5. Pattern hike: girls find pattern shape as they hike
  6. Animal Scents: girls find "home" using their smelling sense
  7. Mystery Shakers: Kim's game- what is in the film canister?
  8. Sensory Scavenger Hunt: laminated list of things to see, touch etc.

Borrow the kit by calling Dawn Bourne at 604.277.6591 Take it to camp or borrow it for a meeting of outdoor fun. 
Some activities can be used indoors.