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MARCH 30 – APRIL 1, 2007


We will provide food, accommodation and ferry tickets.  Mug up on Friday evening.  Registration deadline is March 16th.  Our numbers are limited, so register quickly!!


Join us for fun, fellowship and the satisfaction of work well done.  Fill out the form below and mail or fax by March 16th to:


Elaine Lake

6321 Quebec Street

Vancouver, B.C.  V5W 2P8

Phone: 604 327-2317     Fax: 604 327-2340


The Vancouver Richmond Campsite Committee relies on the generosity of the volunteers who help us in the Fall and Spring.  Thank you for being a friend to Camp Olave.





Telephone _________________          Fax _______________________________

E-Mail ________________________________________________________________

Adult’s Names________________________________________________________

Children’s Names and Ages__________________________________________

Food Allergies or Dietary Concerns _________________________________


Friday Arrival Ferry___________________________________________________

Sunday Departure Ferry_____________________________________________