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Fraser Delta Area
British Columbia, Canada 






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I Said Yes

I said ďYesĒ again
And I couldnít believe my ears.
Yep,  I said ďYesĒ again.
Iím one of the chronic volunteers.

They asked me for my help
And I thought who has the time?
The phone calls and those meetings
Just for the fun and not a dime.

 So I thought it over,
Do I want to give or take?
I enjoy it all so very much
The decision was easy to make.

 Iíve loved every single minute
Of working with the gals
Even when the hour was late
It was always for my pals.

 So please donít try to tell me
Volunteering is a pain
ĎCause for the friends Iíve made
and all Iíve learned,

Iíll say ďYes, Yes, Yes, again and again!




Fraser Delta Area Guide House
4780 Blundell Road, Richmond, British Columbia
Tel: (604) 272-0459  Fax: (604) 272-0491
Membership Information:  1-800-565-8111

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