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Hello from the Training Committee.

Check out the TEAM chart to see the overall view training for all members.

All training information can be found on the Member zone. Click on Guider Resources, then Training

If there is a training that you would like, contact me and we will work on that.
We are ready to help you out.

Jane Sanders
Area Training Advisor
email: janesanders(at)

Margaret Stutt writes: I love to sing, dance and am quite "dramatic". There are fun songs, traditional guiding songs, folk dances and lots of opportunity for acting that I could help you with. Check out the Arts to Go toolbox which you can find in each district. If you would like me to come to your Unit or district, my phone # is 604 448-0831 or 
: m.stutt1(at)


Any questions regarding training please contact me.


Jane Sanders

Area Training Advisor


Unit Guiders: our Trainers are willing to come in to your meeting for a Hug A Tree & Survive session (1 - 1.5hrs).  

DCs: do you have someone interested in being your secretary and need some help to get started? 

or Guiders: if there's a training you would like to see happen just contact Jane Sanders - Area Training Advisor at janesanders(at) or 604-271-4294.


Enrichment Training Opportunities (All Guiders)  (these are all links)

If any of these topics are of interest to a group we can plan a session for you. A description of these can be found on the Member website.



What’s available on e-learning

Orientation to Guiding, Safe Guide. Bias/Awareness, Equity, Unit Guider Stream for all levels.

How to complete E learning- and get credit for it!

Although Fraser Delta Area Training highly recommends in person training for the networking, fun and connected benefits, we also realize that some Guiders will need to take advantage of the e-learning opportunities from time to time. Because of this need, we are sharing with you these step by step instructions that have been compiled by Barb Munsie of Quilchena District. Thanks Barb!!

Pay close attention to ensure you get both the certificate and the receipt, so you will be entered into iMIS and be reimbursed for the small cost.

1. Go to

2. You will need your iMIS number, which is the number assigned to every member of Girl Guides of Canada.

You can get this number from your District Commissioner, or look on your latest issue of Canadian Guider or Pipeline by the mailing address.

3. You will also need a credit card, to "purchase" the training module, at the exorbitant cost of $5.30. Once you have purchased the training module, you can take it over as many times as you want, leave off half-way through and return to it later, etc.

4. Then you have to register on the Learning Library website. It's fairly straightforward.

5. Then you purchase the training module, and take the training!

At the end of the training, it will ask you to click on the figure of a girl if you want a Certificate. Select Yes! You want a Certificate! However, clicking on the figure does not cause the Certificate to pop up on a separate screen or window. The Certificate gets sent to you by e-mail – be sure to check your Junk Mail folders, because that's where mine ended up.

Meanwhile, Learning Library will have e-mailed you a receipt for the $5.30. This comes from a separate sender than the one sending the Certificate, so check your Junk Mail folders for this one too.

6. Forward the e-mail with the Certificate attached to directly to Fraser Delta Area iMIS contact, 
Lesley Grant, email: lesleygrant(at) so that your training record can be updated.

7. Forward the e-mail with the receipt attached to your District Treasurer, so that she can make sure the District reimburses you for the cost of the training.


Training is always looking for Guiders to join our committee.  
Join us as a resource person, District rep or just come along to find out what we’re about.  

You’re always welcome.  We want your input!!

For more information contact your Area Training Advisor      

Page Updated 28 Sep 2009